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Is your printer also showing “printer is offline” when connected to Mac?

HP is one of the brands which have produced the largest number of technological devices at affordable prices. It has revolutionized the world in the way we think by providing the latest technologies in their technological equipment. HP sells the licenses and develops software for its products such as notebooks, tablets, laptops, mini-laptops, desktops and a wide range of printers as well, at the affordable prices. Its printer is of high quality and the print quality is also the highest among the printers. Its laser printers are very famous for a high-quality print.

But as it is also a technical product, it is also at vulnerable to failures. And the technical issues are very annoying to deal with when you want an urgent print. When you connect the printer to your Mac it often shows that your printer is offline. It can technically be due to that your Mac is not been completely connected to the printer or there is some internal problem with the printer. It is also possible the USB is not connected properly or you have connected many printers to your Mac device.  To solve this issue and to connect to a network HP Printer on personal computer  users can instantly contact technical experts via HP printer support number +1-800-392-9127 toll-free.

Get away with this problem by following the steps provided by HP printer support team:

  • Connect the printer to your Mac properly.
  • If the printer is still showing offline then check the connection of your printer with Mac.
  • Try correcting the connection between your Mac and Printer by the checking the USB port or your network for printer connection.
  • Now, reset the printer.
  • If you have connected the multiple printers with your Mac remove the multiple printers from the list.
  • Then, delete the queue of printers and add a new one through which you want a print.
  • If all this does not work reset the system of the printer.

If users are having a problem in resetting their printer or in deleting the multiple printers then call to HP printer support experts.

HP support number provides the best assistance to users

Id this offline problem still persists talk to our experts directly through HP support number +1-800-392-9127 toll-free and they will guide you properly to solve this issue or any issue almost immediately without hampering your work at all.

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